Little Girl Blue


"For if someone gets too close to her, the pins stick farther in."

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Lisa Adams: Surreal and Symbolic Paintings

Artist Lisa Adams creates beautiful paintings that express her inner feelings and her world view. She uses lots of details and allegorical symbolism to form her message that is yet to be unraveled by the viewer.

The self-taught artist spends several months on each oil painting, working 6 days a week in her isolated studio in Queensland, Australia

(via asylum-art)


Anatomically correct, Aitch

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joui jover (original) source

Antelope Valley, California 

Photographer/Model: Sarah Wearn

(via Milk & Honey Art Print by Miranda Meeks | Society6)

About Me

I am a weed. Choking, twisting, slowly consuming the flowers around me. Pull me at the roots and deposit into the garbage.

I am a weighted bag. Tied at your ankle and dragging you into the depths. Quickly now, before it’s too late, get out your knife and ascend.

I am a rabid dog. Snapping and snarling at the hands that have fed me. Best get the shotgun, it’s far too late now.

I am small. Fragile. Weak. Be gentle. Handle with care. I’m likely to shatter.